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Site Builder provides flexible tools and layout options that allow you to customize your site to showcase your content and reach your audience. Use this documentation to explore Site Builder features as you build, manage, and enhance your site.

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Logging In/Out

Authorized users can log in to your website using their Princeton credentials.

Basic settings

Configure the basic settings for your website.

Maintenance Mode

Block your website from public view during periods of website development, redesign or emergency outages.

Users & Roles

Manage access control with user roles.


Plan, organize, create and share content.

Media & Documents

Add visual interest to your website.  Enhance your site using art, photography, logos, and videos.


Enable your modules and extend your website to include a mix of content and rich features.

Layout & Blocks

Learn about how blocks and page layouts work.

Site Administration & Platform

User guide for website administrators.


Understand terms used throughout this documentation.