Content Types

A single web site can contain many types of content. Princeton Site Builder offers commonly used content types, such as informational pages, news, events, people, courses, and more.

What makes each content type different is the collection of fields you can input when creating a content item of that type. For example, the News content type has a field for published date, author, and source. The Event content type has fields for date, time, and location.


Show a brief message or announcement that can be displayed on either your home page or all pages.


Import and add Princeton courses to your website.


WDS can create custom content types for your site.


Create a calendar of events, announcements, deadlines or feature your event.


Add news and announcements to your website.  


Default content type commonly used for most pages of your website. 


Create a people directory or listing for your department, office, center or program. 

Resource Link

Display and categorize links with descriptions and images to internal or external pages and documents. 

Timeline Feature

Create a visual timeline of events, useful for showcasing a schedule or historical information.


Use webforms for making forms and surveys for users to submit information to you.