The Alert content type is used to show a brief message or announcement that can be displayed on either your home page or all pages. We recommend that you only publish one alert at a time. When the alert is over, you will need to unpublish it.

It's important to not over use the alert content type on your site. If your visitors become used to always seeing an alert on the homepage, they may learn to skip over it and an important message could be missed in the future.

Alerts can be dismissed by visitors by clicking the close button in the top right corner. If an editor makes an update to the alert, it will appear again for visitors that previously dismissed it.

Enable the Alerts Module

The Alerts module must be enabled before you can add alerts.

Adding an Alert

Visit the alert form by clicking Manage » Content » Add Content » Alert.

There's only a few fields to fill out for alerts. Both the alert title and alert body should be kept short. You can add a link to the body to a page that contains more details.

More options

Additionally, you can use use the following features to create prominent or less prominent alerts: