Post RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are automatically generated for posts published on a site. The 20 most recent published posts are included in the feed, which includes the following data from each article:

  • Title
  • Published date
  • Author name
  • Summary (if no summary is provided, one is generated from the body)
  • URL to the post
  • Featured image

These RSS feeds can be used in a number of ways:

  • A separate Site Builder site can display the feed on a page using the Feed Blocks module.
  • Some other website (not a Site Builder site) may have a similar method to display RSS feeds.
  • An RSS reader application on someones device can subscribe to the feed.

Obtaining Feed URLs

To view the RSS feed for the most recent 20 posts, regardless of A term is an individual item that belongs to some taxonomy vocabulary, typically used for categorizing content. For example, a vocabulary "Colors" may have terms in it "Red", "Green", "Blue". , simply visit the path /posts/feed/all on your website (e.g. Your browser may prompt you to download the RSS data to a file on your computer, or it may display the RSS data directly in the browser.

There are also feeds for each post taxonomy term. These feeds can be accessed by visiting path /posts/feed/[ID], where [ID] is the numeric taxonomy term ID. You can obtain this ID by editing the taxonomy term and then looking at the URL of the page in your browser's address bar. It will contain the ID.