Webform is the feature for making forms and surveys in Princeton Site Builder. After submission, customizable e-mails can be sent to administrators and/or submitters. Results can be exported into Excel or other spreadsheet applications. Webform also provides some basic statistical review of submissions.

Enable the Webforms Module

The Webforms module must be enabled before you can add webforms.

Form Manager

The form manager provides a list of all available webforms.

Form manager features include:

  • Filtering webforms by keyword, category, and status
  • Sorting by the total number of submissions
  • Archiving of old forms

To access the form manager, from the Admin toolbar, click Webforms in the main admin toolbar.

How to create a Webform

Preventing Spam Submissions

Spam is typically submitted to webforms that allow submission from anonymous users and is performed by automated bots and not real people. All webforms on Site Builder have some built in protections to help prevent spam submissions from being accepted. In some cases, these protections are not enough and you will still receive spam. To add further protection, you can add a CAPTCHA element to the bottom of your webform which will present a "challenge" to the submitter that is designed to detect if the submitter is a human.

Add the "CAPTCHA" element just as you would with any other form element. You can leave all the default settings for the element. The CAPTCHA will appear only for anonymous visitors, since the assumption is that if a submitter can authenticate with CAS, they are not likely to be a spammer.