Content Organization

Information architecture is the practice of deciding how to arrange, organize and label the content on your website so that it is easy to access and understandable to your website visitors. A well planned information architecture forms the foundation for a good user experience and makes it easier for your site visitors to find information and to complete tasks.

Princeton Site Builder offers the use of menus, taxonomy, paths and breadcrumbs to help organize and structure your content in a meaningful way.

Content Categorization (Taxonomy)

Categorize content to list allow displaying filtered lists or groups based on common terms.


Create a collection of links for your main, utility, and footer menus.


Breadcrumb trails help users find their way around a website.  

Jump Links

Jump links can be used to quickly link to specific parts of a page.

URLs and Paths

Customizable URLs for your content improve findability and usability.


Optimize your website for searchability and page ranking.