Known Issues

There are some issues in the Site Builder platform that Web Development Services is aware of, but has not fixed yet or does not plan to fix. This list does not include all known issues and is a work in progress.

Text Editor

Full-screen button unavailable

Added April 19, 2024

The button to expand the text editor to full screen is no longer available, but we expect to add it back later this year.

Custom ordering style for ordered lists unavailable

Added April 19, 2024

In the old text editor, the style of the numbered ordered lists could be modified by right-clicking the list and choosing a different style like alphabetical (a., b., c., etc) or roman (i., ii., iii., etc). In the new editor, there is no method to change the list style by right-clicking.

There are plans to re-introduce this feature in an upcoming release. Until then, a workaround exists to set the style type manually by editing the source HTML and inserting the appropriate attribute:

  1. Click the "Source" button in the toolbar
  2. Find the <ol> element that corresponds with the list
  3. Add a "type" attribute as follow:
    1. <ol type="i"> for Lower Roman (i, ii, iii, etc.)
    2. <ol type="I">for Upper Roman (I, II, III, etc.)
    3. <ol type="a"> for Lower Alpha (a, b, c, etc.)
    4. <ol type="A"> for Upper Alpha (A, B, C, etc.)

Caption overrides unavailable

Added April 19, 2024

In the old text editor, captions from embedded images could be overridden with a different caption. This is no longer possible in the new editor. Previously overridden captions are still respected, but they cannot be modified in the editor. At this time, due to technology constraints, we don't currently have plans to restore this feature.

Media Embeds

YouTube Shorts embed displays "Input did not match any media types" error

Added May 6, 2024

Embedding a YouTube video is normally a simple matter of pasting the YouTube URL into the Video Embed tab of the Media Browser dialog. However, when you attempt to paste in a YouTube Shorts URL (example:, the error message "Input did not match any media types" is displayed.

Workaround 1: Right-click an embedded YouTube Shorts vertical video and select "Copy embed code" from the contextual menu. Extract the source URL from the code and paste it into the URL field of the dialog that pops up when you click the Iframe Embed button in the rich text editor. Specify a width and height with a 9x16 ratio, such as 300 by 533. Be sure to use the "Advisory Title" field of the Iframe Embed dialog to fill in title text for screen readers. 

For the URL you paste into the dialog, the word "embed" must be in the URL; URLs with "shorts" or "watch" will not work for this. Using the "Copy video URL" menu option will only work if you change "shorts" to "embed" in the URL. 


Workaround 2: Extract the video ID from the Shorts URL and add it to the "v" parameter of the normal YouTube URL.  Enter that into the Video Embed tab of the Media Browser. For the example, the video ID is Wly450Ziflo


This workaround will not display a vertical video, but will instead display a horizontal video with boxes to the left and right of the video.

Third-party Integrations

Twitter Widget displays "Nothing to see here - yet" message

Added July 11, 2023
Updated April 4, 2024

Following changes that Twitter (also known as X) made to their platform on June 30, 2023, "Embedded Timeline" Twitter widgets have been broken for about a year now. For many site visitors, the widget displays the message "Nothing to see here - yet." For some accounts such as @Princeton and @Princetonian, the embedded timeline may show posts from the past few years, in a random order.

Broken Twitter widget that displays Nothing to see here message

The embedded timeline widget for Twitter (X) is broken if a site visitor is not logged into Twitter and/or is using a browser that is configured to prevent cross-site tracking, which is the default setting for Safari, as depicted in the following screenshot.

Screenshot of Safari's privacy settings, with the Prevent cross-site tracking option checked.

Embedded Tweet widgets that display a single post are not affected.

This directly impacts the Twitter Widget layout block that is available on the Site Builder platform.

X (Twitter) has not responded to this issue and has given no indication that a fix is forthcoming.

Workaround: Remove the Twitter Widget layout block from your website.

Internal issue number: PS-2579

Editing Experience

Cannot add link within caption when uploading a featured image

Added June 14, 2023

When adding a new Featured Image to a A collection of fields that describe a specific type of content, like a news article, a person, or an event. Site admins can add additional content types by enabling optional modules. WDS can also create custom content types for a site. , editors can select an existing image or upload a new one. When uploading a new one, editors are prompted to fill out a caption. If the editor attempts to use the link button in the text editor toolbar to add a link, the modal window for editing the image is closed.

Workaround: Add or edit the image from the media library directly.

Internal issue number: PS-2325.

Media Usage

Media files cannot be tracked when used in dynamically generated lists.

Added April 08, 2024

The Media Usage tracking feature does not monitor entries in dynamically generated lists. These lists are automatically generated by Site Builder, taking into account the selected options.