Blocks Reference

Below is a list of all blocks available for placement in a layout. To learn how to add blocks to a layout, review the page layouts documentation.

Note that some blocks require an optional module be enabled first. Blocks that require modules will indicate which module is needed.

Available Blocks

Accordion Block

Use accordions to shorten pages and scan through topic headings.

Billboard Block

Prominently place a large format image or ambient video on your landing pages.

Billboard Slider Block

Prominently place hero images that slide on your homepage.

Content Fields Block

The Content Fields Block displays some of the field values for your page.

Content Slider Block

The content slider block can be used to create a visual slider that contains news, events, and/or pages.

Course Offerings List Block

List Princeton courses by category or manually curated.

Custom List Blocks

Custom Lists are available If you are working with WDS on custom content types and views.

Elfsight Feed Block (Instagram)

The Elfsight block allows embedding a social media feed from the 3rd party service provider Elfsight.

Events Archive Years List Block

Allow visitors to browse past events on your site by year.

Events Calendar Block

Display a traditional month monthly calendar view of events on your website.

Events List Block

List events by category or manually curated.

Feature Block

Feature content anywhere on key pages with image and button.

Iframe Block

Embed Iframes to your content.

Image Block

Display a single standalone image in your layout.

Map Block

Add a street map to your pages.

News Archive Years List Block

Allow visitors to browse news articles on your site by year.

News List Block

List news by category or manually curated.

Page List Block

List related pages by category or manually curated.  

People List Block

List people by category or manually curated.

Related Documents Block

Display related documents anywhere on your page.

Related Links and Documents Block

Display related links and documents combined anywhere on your page.

Related Links Block

Display related links from your page in its layout.

Resource Link List Block

List resource links by category or manually curated.

Taxonomy Terms List Block

Display a list of taxonomy terms from a specific vocabulary as links

Text Block

Add simple text to your layout.

Twitter Widget Block

Twitter feeds can be embedded on your Princeton Site Builder website to keep your user community engaged.

Video Block

Display a video from an external provider (YouTube, Media Central, etc) in a layout.

Webform Block

Place your short forms anywhere on your page.