Billboard Block

A Billboard, sometimes referred to as a hero image, is designed to highlight special or important content on your website. Billboards are often found on a homepage layout with a title, teaser, and call-to-action button.

Billboards use a large image or video as a backdrop for a "call to action", which typically is composed of a heading, summary, and link.

If you're interested in displaying a standalone image with no text overlay, consider using the Image block instead.


  • Choice of an image OR an ambient video.
  • Optionally crop the image to 8x3, 16x9.
  • Optionally provide a text summary (teaser) to output over the image or video.
  • Optionally link the entire billboard to another location on your site.
  • Control the position of the title and teaser text to be left, center, or right aligned.
  • Select either a dark or light text visibility adjustment. The Dark option adds a black gradient over the image with white text, while the Light option adds a white gradient over the image with black text.

Ambient Video Usage

When using an ambient video instead of a static image, care must be exercised. Videos should truly be "ambient" in nature. Lots of movement, or compelling action, will draw visitors’ attention away from your "call to action," defeating the purpose of the block. There are also accessibility issues to consider, as there are with any use of video content. Videos with aggressive movement or strobe-like behavior can be quite off-putting to certain individuals, and can even be harmful. Please consult with the User Experience Office for more details.

The video file must be uploaded to your media library directly as a "Video file" media type with an mp4 file extension. The maximum file size for the video is 20 MB, but users are highly encouraged to output the smallest file size possible.

Also note that when using the ambient video option, a static image must also be provided. This is because the ambient video is not used when the visitor's screen size is small and the static image is presented instead.