Billboard Slider Block

A Billboard Slider is used to display multiple billboards on a landing pages using a slide motion. Billboard Sliders typically have large typography and high resolution photography to capture the audience as soon they land on your page.


  • Display up to 5 billboards in a slider.
  • Manually control the order of the slides, or optionally randomize the order on each page load.
  • Supports displaying billboards that are cropped to 16x9 or 8x3.
  • Optionally enable an automatic transition between slides and control the amount of time on each slide.
  • Choose between two transition types: Slide or Fade.


Before adding a billboard slider, you must first create the individual billboards that you want to feature using your reusable custom blocks library. Do not create the billboards by adding individual billboard blocks directly to a page layout. They must be part of your custom block library.

For each billboard you want to place in the slider:

  1. Visit Content > Custom Block Library
  2. Click the "Add custom block" button
  3. Select "Billboard"
  4. Fill out the form to provide the data for this billboard slide. Refer to the Billboard Block documentation for more details.
  5. Note that for billboards that will be used in a slider like this, you must select either 8x3 or 16x9 for the image aspect ratio for each billboard. All billboards you add to the slider should have the same cropping. Otherwise, the slider may not look or function properly.

After all billboards have been created, add a "Billboard slider" block to a page layout and fill out the configuration form. You'll be presented with fields used to reference the billboards you created above. Simply begin typing the name of billboard and then select it from the autocomplete drop-down that appears.

Part of the billboard slider form showing the form inputs for specifying the name of the billboards to use as slides.