Events List - Conference Block

This block is intended for displaying a list of events in a style that is geared towards a conferences. Selected events are grouped by day and tabs are output to browse by those days. Within each tab, the events are listed with their time prominently displayed, making it easy for visitors to quickly see when each event for that day takes place.

When using this block, it is recommended to first categorize your Conference Events with a unique A term is an individual item that belongs to some taxonomy vocabulary, typically used for categorizing content. For example, a vocabulary "Colors" may have terms in it "Red", "Green", "Blue". , and use that term to filter the Events List - Conference Block. This is because by default the block will list any published Event in your site, including ones that happened in the past. An appropriate taxonomy term might be the name of the conference. Alternately, if a conference is held yearly,  you could use a term for the current year.

Requires Events A collection of features or functionality that can be enabled on sites. WDS has made several optional modules available to site administrators to enable on their site. For example, the "News" module enables the News content type and provide a News List Block for displaying news on a page.

The Events module must first be enabled on your site to use this block.


  • Display a list of events from the Event A collection of fields that describe a specific type of content, like a news article, a person, or an event. Site admins can add additional content types by enabling optional modules. WDS can also create custom content types for a site. , grouped by day.
  • Select specific events to display or have the list generated automatically based on filters.
  • Events are ordered by time.
  • Toggle which fields (date, summary, featured image, etc) to output for each event.
  • If the optional Event Speaker module is enabled, optionally include them as well and control which speaker fields to output.
  • Filter events by Used primarily for categorizing content, a vocabulary defines a specific grouping of taxonomy terms. Some default vocabularies exist on all sites, but WDS can create custom vocabularies if needed. Synonymous with categories. and optionally expose those filters to the visitor so they can choose how to filter.


This block does not support pagination. It's limited to displaying a maximum of 100 events across 7 days.