General Purpose

General purpose blocks are primarily used in landing pages to display various elements on a page in a particular layout to generate interest, or add snippets of information found within sections so the user can quickly access information.

Simple Accordion Block

Use accordions to shorten pages and scan through topic headings.


Prominently place a hero image on your page.

Feature Block

Feature content anywhere on key pages with image and button.

Iframe Block

Embed Iframes to your content.

Image Block

Display a single standalone image in your layout.

Map Block

Add a street map to your pages.

Social Sharing

Control how your web pages look when they are shared on social networks.  

Text Block

Add simple text to your layout.

Reusable Custom Blocks

Learn about the reusable custom blocks and the reusable blocks library.

Video Block

Display a video from an external provider (YouTube, Media Central, etc) in a layout.