Reusable Custom Blocks

Instead of adding blocks directly to a page layout, some blocks can first be added to your Reusable Block Library as reusable blocks. Once added here, the can be referenced on multiple different page layouts. This allows you to update the content of the block in one area and have it affect all pages that have added it.

The types of blocks that can be set as reusable are limited:

  • Accordion
  • Billboard
  • Feature
  • Iframe
  • Image
  • Map
  • Social links
  • Text
  • Video

Note that the only benefit of adding blocks this way is if there's a true need to have the exact same block content displayed on multiple page layouts. Otherwise, it's much easier to simply add the block directly to the page layout and edit its contents within the layout builder tool.

Using the Reusable Block Library

Content managers and site admins can visit the custom blocks library using the admin toolbar. It's located at Content > Reusable Block Library.

This page displays a table of all existing reusable custom blocks allowing you to edit them.

You can use the "+ Add reusable block" button to create new custom blocks

Note that the title is always required and must be unique among all other reusable custom blocks.

Adding a Reusable Block to a Page Layout

When adding a block to a layout, all reusable custom blocks from your block library will be available under the "Reusable custom blocks" category, labeled by their title. Note that when adding the block, you do not have the ability to modify any of the block details except the title. To modify the block data, you must edit it from the block library page.