Media Library

The Media Library allows you to view and manage all of your existing media files, such as images, image galleries, and videos.

An important concept to understand is that all media used on your site is available in this one central library. Individual media items can be used in multiple places throughout your site if needed. There's no need to upload something twice when using it. For example, if you wish to display a video on your homepage in a Video Block, but also embedded in the body of a news article, you can reference the same video from your media library for both situations.

The Media Library allows you to:

  • View a list of all media on your site
  • View the thumbnail, name, author (the person who uploaded it), and last modification date
  • Access links to edit or delete a media item
  • Access links to add new items to the library, either one at a time, or via bulk upload
  • Search for media by name or tag
  • View media in a list view (more information) or grid view (less information, but larger thumbnails)

Access the Media Library

Visit Content > Media Library from the admin toolbar.

Adding Items to the Media Library

There are many ways to add media to your media library:

  • Using the Content > Add Media > menu items in the admin toolbar.
  • Using the Add media or Bulk upload buttons on the Media Library page.
  • When selecting media in various form fields (e.g., the Featured Image field on most content types), you can add a new item to the library directly within the form widget.
  • When selecting media to embed in the body of some page, you can add a new item to the library directly within the embed window.

The below instructions apply to adding media using the buttons at the top of the media library page.

To add a single item:

  1. Click the Add media button.
  2. Click the type of media you are adding.
  3. Fill out the form to upload the file from your computer and to provide various metadata.
    1. Some media items, like Video, don't require that you upload a file. Instead, you are asked to paste in the video embed code from some other video hosting provider.
  4. Press Save

To bulk-upload multiple media at once:

  1. Click the Bulk upload button.
  2. Select the type of media you are uploading.
  3. Drag and drop files from your computer, or press the Select files button to manually select files from your computer.
  4. Wait for all progress bars to complete, then press Continue.
  5. Fill out the media form for each uploaded item. You will be redirected to the form for the next item after pressing Save until all media items have been processed.

Media Usage

The "Entity Usage" feature provides information on where your site is using a media item.