Embed Video

Embedding videos on your website can add value, interest and engage your users on your website.  Princeton Site Builder makes it easy to embed and share your videos from various social platforms. Individual videos can be embedded in pages and blocks.   At this time, we do not support playlists.

How to embed video in the body of a page

This option allows you to embed a video in between paragraphs of texts on any page with a text editor. The process is similar to embedding an image. Adding and embedding videos this way will add them to your video media library and is limited to a few select video providers.

How to embed video in a block

Another option for embedding a video is to add it as a block to page. Just as with embedding a video in the body of page, this is limited to videos from a few select providers (YouTube, Vimeo, and Media Central).

  1. Browse to Page where you plan to add your video block
  2. Click Layout
  3. Add +Add Section 
  4. Select column layout
  5. Click Add section
  6. Click +Add block
  7. Click + Create custom block
  8. Click Video
  9. Add Title and check display title if desired
  10. Click Select button from Media and click Video URL tab and paste URL from YouTube or Vimeo
  11. Select view mode
  12. Click Add block
  13. Click Save Layout

How to embed video as an iframe

The last option for embedding a video is embed it as an iframe, though it's a bit more involved and not all sources are supported.