Feed Blocks Module

The Feed Blocks A collection of features or functionality that can be enabled on sites. WDS has made several optional modules available to site administrators to enable on their site. For example, the "News" module enables the News content type and provide a News List Block for displaying news on a page. allows you to display items from an RSS or ICS feed on your page layouts. This is a simple method of displaying a feed of information from some other website.

Note that for RSS feeds, it's also possible to have the items imported into the News content type via the News Importer module. That method can be more useful if you'd like to use the News List Block or Content Slider Block for displaying the items instead, perhaps alongside your locally added news articles. It's generally preferred to use this simpler method though.

Adding a Feed Block Source

  1. Enable the module.
  2. Login to your site as a user with the "site admin" role.
  3. Visit the Configuration » Web Services » Feed Block Sources page from the admin toolbar.
  4. Click the Add Feed Block Source button
  5. Provide a descriptive title of the feed to help you quickly identify it later.
  6. Indicate the type of feed you're adding.
  7. Paste in the URL of the feed. It must be publicly accessible with no password protection.
  8. Click the Save.

Displaying the Feed

To any Page layout, add the block labeled "External RSS feed" or "External ICS Feed" (depending on the feed type) and configured it to use the feed source you specified above.