My PrincetonU

The My PrincetonU A collection of features or functionality that can be enabled on sites. WDS has made several optional modules available to site administrators to enable on their site. For example, the "News" module enables the News content type and provide a News List Block for displaying news on a page. enables integration between My PrincetonU (Campus Groups) and a Site Builder website by importing events from one or more groups into the event A collection of fields that describe a specific type of content, like a news article, a person, or an event. Site admins can add additional content types by enabling optional modules. WDS can also create custom content types for a site. . This allows event authors to create events directly in My PrincetonU and display them on their website without having to recreate them manually.

Imported events are treated just like natively added events, meaning they can be displayed in event list blocks and event calendars.


Enable the My PrincetonU module

The My PrincetonU module must be enabled by a site admin.

After enabling the module, a site admin can access the settings form on the Configuration > System > Modules page.

Import Settings

Module settings form for the My PrincetonU module

Groups to import events from: One or more groups to import all upcoming events from. Leave blank to disable all event imports. Events that are co-hosted by the selected groups will also be imported.

Tags to import events from: My PrincetonU supports adding topic tags to events. You may choose to only import events that are tagged with at least one of the tags that you list. It is not necessary to provide any value here. This is just an optional feature to allow filtering out events from tags you are not interested in.

Automatically publish imported events: Choose to automatically publish events after they are imported, or leave them unpublished. If unpublished, someone would then need to manually publish the events that they'd like displayed on the website.

Ignore event visibility, import all: By default, only events with visibility set to "Everyone" are imported. Enable this setting to import all events regardless of visibility. These events will always be set to unpublished and require someone to manually publish them. Please be sure to obtain permission from the event owner before publishing events that were not set to public in My PrincetonU.

If using this option, an additional field is shown to provide one or more email addresses to notify when new non-public events are imported. This is to help content managers know that a new event needs manual moderation.

Used primarily for categorizing content, a vocabulary defines a specific grouping of taxonomy terms. Some default vocabularies exist on all sites, but WDS can create custom vocabularies if needed. Synonymous with categories. Mappings

My PrincetonU has three taxonomies for categorizing events. These can be mapped to taxonomies on your website if you wish. You can even map all three taxonomies from My PrincetonU into one single taxonomy on your site. By default, the event content type on Site Builder sites comes with two taxonomies: Sitewide Category and Events Category. Some sites may have additional vocabularies available that WDS created specifically for you.

If mapping a taxonomy, note that you will not be able to edit the imported event and modify the taxonomy tags. The My PrincetonU module will "own" the tagging for the imported event for that vocabulary.

Event type: Broadly classifies the type of event (e.g. Meeting, Lecture, Office Hours) in My PrincetonU. Each event has exactly one event type.

Event group: The specific group in My PrincetonU that the event belongs to. It only makes sense to use this mapping if you are importing from multiple groups.

Event tags: Events can have zero or more tags associated with them. This taxonomy in My PrincetonU is centrally managed.

Importing Events

After the module has been configured (meaning it has been enabled and at least one group has been specified for import), your website will automatically import and refresh event data in 15 minute intervals.

The first initial import will import all events with start dates in the future. After that, any newly added events will be imported.

If updates are made in My PrincetonU to events that were already imported, those updates will be automatically reflected on your website as well. Events that were deleted will also be removed from your website. Note that if the event has already passed, updates made to it (including if it was deleted) will not be reflected on your website. Updates are only synchronized for events that are still upcoming.

Images for imported events are imported into your media library and will always be prefixed with My PrincetonU Imported Image: followed by the filename. The images from My PrincetonU are provided in a 2:1 aspect ratio. It's best to use this aspect ratio in any Event List Blocks that display My PrincetonU imported events to prevent additional cropping.

What Gets Imported?

Not all event data from My PrincetonU events is imported. One reason is that the Site Builder platform does not support all of the same event fields as My PrincetonU, so there's nowhere to map the data do when it's imported. Another reason is that some event information is not available in the information feed that is used to import data from. WDS has submitted several feature requests to Campus Groups (the software that powers My PrincetonU) to ask that this feed be enhanced with the missing data.

  • Title
  • Description
  • Date & Time
  • Location
    • Location Visibility: If the My PrincetonU event location visibility is restricted to registered users only, then the imported location will display as "RSVP on My PrincetonU to see location". If it is instead restricted to signed-in users only, then the imported location will display as "View location on My PrincetonU".
    • Location Type: If the My PrincetonU location type is "On-Campus", then only the Location Name is imported. If it is set to "Off-Campus", then the Location Name and full address are imported together.
  • Event Photo
    • Note that My PrincetonU events have both an Event Photo and an Event Flyer. Only the Event Photo is imported. It's mapped to the Featured Image field on the Site Builder event.
  • Group, Type, and Tags
    • The group, event type, and event tags associated with the My PrincetonU event can all be optionally imported as taxonomy terms. See "Taxonomy Vocabulary Mappings" above for more details.

Additionally, the "Related link" field on the imported event is populated with a link to view the event detail page in My PrincetonU. The label for this link will be "More details in My PrincetonU".

Managing Imported Events

Imported events are treated very similarly to natively added events. They will appear in the main content dashboard with an author of "Anonymous". You can publish and unpublish events. While it's possible to delete imported events entirely, they may re-appear if an update was made to them in My PrincetonU, so it's better to simply unpublish an event that you don't want to display.

When editing an imported event, most fields will be disabled. This is to prevent content editors from making local changes to event data that may be overwritten by an upstream change in My PrincetonU. This includes any taxonomy vocabularies that have mappings set up (see configuration section above).