Version 2.12 Release Notes - September 16, 2021

Notable Changes

New Styling Options

There are several new styling options available for sites using the Tiger theme. Note that these options only available on sites that don't have any CSS injector styles defined.

Links added to the WYSIWYG editor can be highlighted and styled as a primary button or secondary button. This can be helpful when creating a prominent link or call-to-action that you want visitors to see clearly. It's best to not wrap other text around the link when using these options. To use them, first add a link, then highlight it and select one of the button styles from the Styles toolbar drop-down.

Left - Highlighted "Sample Link" text with the styles dropdown showing two options. Right - the "Primary Button" style has been applied to the link.

Additionally, there are several style options available that can be applied to blocks placed in a page layout. The following block styles are available on block types Accordion, Text, Image, Video, iFrame, Map, and all content list blocks (e.g. Page List):

  • Float Block Title (requires you also display the block title)
  • Outline - Dark Gray
  • Outline - Light Gray
  • Outline - Orange
  • Solid - Light Gray
  • Solid - Orange
  • Solid - White

You can select the style to add to a block at the very bottom of the block configuration form. In the example below, the Solid Light Gray style is added to a text block:

Block style "Solid Light Gray" being applied to a text block

All Changes

  • #975: A new optional A collection of features or functionality that can be enabled on sites. WDS has made several optional modules available to site administrators to enable on their site. For example, the "News" module enables the News content type and provide a News List Block for displaying news on a page. , Simple News Importer, is available for displaying RSS feeds of content from other sites. This differs from the existing Advanced News Importer module in that it doesn't import the content into the News A collection of fields that describe a specific type of content, like a news article, a person, or an event. Site admins can add additional content types by enabling optional modules. WDS can also create custom content types for a site. .
  • #1058: The blocks used for displaying related links and related documents have been moved to new layout section below the main content area. This was done to make them a bit easier to manage or remove if desired.
  • #1102: For sites that use the News Archive Years List, Events Archive Years List, or Taxonomy Term List blocks in conjunction with News or Events List blocks, the year or A term is an individual item that belongs to some taxonomy vocabulary, typically used for categorizing content. For example, a vocabulary "Colors" may have terms in it "Red", "Green", "Blue". that was clicked is now appended to the block title for the list blocks. This is to help convey to visitors that the list of news or events are being filtered by what was clicked.
  • #1134: It's now possible for authors, content managers, and site admins to easily preview their site in various screen sizes of popular mobile devices. This can help identify styling issues on smaller screens that would otherwise go unnoticed.
  • #1149: The "Add Link" dialog in the WYSIWYG text editor will now detect if you're attempting to link to an email address and prompt to format it as such automatically (by prepending the required "mailto:" prefix).
  • #1233: Sites using the Tiger theme now have access to a small set of helpful styles for formatting links in the text editor interface (e.g. body of a page) and blocks in a page layout. Existing sites using the Tiger theme receive these options only if they have no existing CSS Injector rules.
  • #1239: The font size of level 1 (H1) and level 2 (H2) headings in the Tiger theme has been reduced.
  • #1243: Removed the confusing "Not Verified" suffix to the Anonymous user account label from the content dashboard. This Anonymous account is often used as the author of automatically imported content (e.g. courses or My PrincetonU events). Also fixed an issue that was causing the date in the "Updated" column to sometimes break onto multiple lines.
  • #1250: Fixed an issue where updates from My PrincetonU to previously imported events did not create a new local revision, making it difficult to verify what was changed from the initial import.
  • #1251: Added the ability to disable the My PrincetonU importer after it was initially configured by simply clearing out the list of My PrincetonU groups to import events from.
  • #1254: Adjusted the label for event location for imported My PrincetonU events where the location visibility is set to only be displayed to logged in users. Previously these events would display a location of "Private Location (sign in to display)". Now they display "View location on My PrincetonU". This was done to help indicate that visitors cannot login to the Site Builder site to view the location.
  • #1255: Events imported from My PrincetonU can now have their Related Link field customized. By default, this field is populated with a link to the My PrincetonU event detail page with text that reads "More details in My PrincetonU". If there is a more appropriate link or text you prefer, you can edit the event and provide different values.