Version 2.19 Release Notes - April 21, 2022



  • #1690: Improvement to user management:
    • When registering a CAS user to your site and that user already exists, the error message now provides a link to edit the existing user account.
    • The form for adding new CAS users now allows you to assign roles at the same time, avoiding the need to edit the user after adding them.
    • The checkbox to show users with no assigned roles on the users dashboard has been updated to be clearer.


  • #1357: Fixed styling issues for menu items that aren't linked to a page. Note that WDS strongly discourages this practice as it presents accessibility and consistency issues.
  • #1606: Fixing some styling issues with the Billboard Slider and Content Slider blocks that was causing them to output an incorrect layout and spacing when placed in certain layout regions.
  • #1713: Fixed a styling bug where the orange accent border on callouts was not visible if placed in a layout section with a darker background color.
  • #1717: The size of featured images displayed on Events List Blocks has been adjusted to be more consistent with other content list blocks. The images were previously too large and are more appropriately sized now.
  • #1730: The horizontal border that separates items in content lists will no longer appear after the last item in the list.
  • #1758: Fixed an issue where the orange line below names in People List Blocks would float above items in the admin toolbar.
  • #1802: Fixed the color of the external link icon when used within the primary button CKEditor style.
  • #1804: Fixed an issue where the external link icon in linked block titles would sometimes appear on a separate line.


  • #1767: Several updates to the Events List - Conference block:
    • Clicking the tab for different days in the schedule will update the browser address bar, allowing links to that particular day to be shared with others.
    • If the current day matches a day of the schedule, that day's schedule will be shown by default.
    • Added an option in the block to output a button to print the page.
    • Added an option in the block to output the Event Speaker Category below each speaker.
    • Updated print styles to improve the layout when printing the schedule.
    • Other minor styling updates.
  • #1784: Fixed an issue where the Events Calendar Block would only show a maximum of 200 events for a single month. The limit is not 400.
  • #1801: Several updates to the Event Speaker extension A collection of features or functionality that can be enabled on sites. WDS has made several optional modules available to site administrators to enable on their site. For example, the "News" module enables the News content type and provide a News List Block for displaying news on a page. :
    • The affiliation and title fields have been reversed in order so that title appears first.
    • The "reveal more" button for the speaker bio has been removed (the full bio is always shown now).
    • Custom metatag descriptions can be added now (this affects the description that appears in search engine search results).
    • The name field label has been updated from "Given Name" and "Family Name" to "First Name" and "Last Name", respectively.
    • The search keywords field has been added, allowing editors to boost a particular speaker in internal search results when certain keywords are searched.
    • All default layout builder block styles are available for the Event Speakers List block.
    • Fixed a styling issue where the Event Speaker image on the detail page might overflow into the page footer.


  • #1701: You can now display a list of events from an ICS (iCal) feed on your website using the new External ICS Feed block.
  • #1774: The "News Importer (Simple)" module has been renamed to "Feed Blocks". It works similarly and sites using the old module do not need to do anything. Feed sources (the RSS feeds you want to display) are now managed via Configuration > Web Services > Feed Block Sources instead of Configuration > Web Services > Aggregator. Additionally, the "News Importer (Advanced)" module has been renamed to "News Importer".
  • #1805: Fixed an issue where news articles with special characters in their titles would not be presented properly in RSS feeds.


  • #850: A new image aspect ratio, Landscape (4:3), has been added. This supplements the existing Landscape (3:2) ratio. Additionally, aspect ratio selection labels have been standardized throughout the platform to always include the aspect ratio. Finally, the featured image display options for "Hidden" and "Floated" have been renamed to "Hide" and "Float", respectively.
  • #1450: Audio files can now have a VTT transcript file uploaded. If provided, the transcript can be displayed by toggling a button in the audio player.
  • #1786: Fixed an issue where HTML embedded in certain image caption overrides (e.g. links, bold text, etc) would not display correctly.
  • #1811: Fixed an issue where the random image feature of Image Blocks would not work correctly if there were multiple image blocks on the same page.


  • #1624: The Publication Year field on publication references is no longer required to be filled out.
  • #1632: Disabled Publication citation links (that appear on the bottom of reference detail pages) that are redundant or do not work correctly.


  • #1619: The Taxonomy Term List block will no longer include taxonomy terms that aren't associated with at least one A individual item of content. For example, a page, a news article, and an event are all content items, which correspond to the Page, News, and Event content types, respectively. .

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