Version 2.20 Release Notes - May 19, 2022

Please note that if WDS has customized your site (e.g. custom content types, theme, or other functionality), the improvements and fixes listed below may not be applicable to your site.


  • #1452: Minor styling improvements to the course detail page, including moving the website field to the bottom of the main content area (instead of the sidebar).
  • #1711: The icon that appears on links to documents will now display as white when used within the dark background versions of the Primary Button and Secondary Button styles in text editors.
  • #1733: Reduced the size of featured images displayed in People List Blocks when portrait, square, or circle aspect ratios are used and the people are displayed in a grid.
  • #1741: The Content Slider Block has received many design improvements.
  • #1782: The Person detail page has received many styling improvements.
  • #1797: Fixed a styling issue where long URLs for the Related Link field on events would sometimes "overflow" their container. Note that we strongly encourages editors to use short, descriptive labels for all related links for improved accessibility. Long, unlabeled links are difficult for users of assistive technology to deal with.
  • #1845: Fixed a styling issue where the search icon would sometimes float above the admin toolbar when scrolling.
  • #1849: Fixed an issue where there was not enough padding between the bottom of content list blocks and their pagers.
  • #1853: Fixed a styling issue with the People List Block where text would wrap to multiple lines unnecessarily.


  • #1783: It's now possible to control the position of jump link menus on a per-page basis via a new field on the content entry form. Previously the position could only be controlled via a global theme setting.
  • #1851: Content Slider Blocks now have the option to display the summary for each A individual item of content. For example, a page, a news article, and an event are all content items, which correspond to the Page, News, and Event content types, respectively. . Summaries are automatically trimmed to a maximum of 175 characters.


  • #1863: Fixed a bug where captions were not being shown on embedded images that used the "Extra Small" display modes.


  • #1814: The News Importer now has improved support for importing news from other Site Builder websites. The featured image for articles now also imports the alt text and caption, and the full article body can be imported as well. View the documentation on the news importer for more details.
  • #1857: Removed erroneous settings button on the News Importer A collection of features or functionality that can be enabled on sites. WDS has made several optional modules available to site administrators to enable on their site. For example, the "News" module enables the News content type and provide a News List Block for displaying news on a page. .