Version 2.23 Release Notes - August 18, 2022

Important note

Please note that if WDS has customized your site (e.g. custom content types, theme, or other functionality), the improvements and fixes listed below may not be applicable to your site.


This release includes dramatic improvements to the functionality of horizontal jump link menus. When menu items "overflow" their container (common on mobile displays), they can now be scrolled to by using a navigation arrow. A small navigation menu can be expanded to reveal a list of all items in the menu for quick access. Prior to this enhancement, browsing items in larger jump link menus was cumbersome.

New jump link menu design

People List blocks gain the ability to output a link to the person's uploaded CV file. This can be useful on sites that don't wish to link to a full detail page of a person, but still want to have a link to this important document in people listings.

There are many minor usability and styling improvements as well, including an overhaul of the form organization for theme settings and the ability to toggle the display of individual advanced filters for publication lists.

All Changes


  • #1800: Events that are imported from My PrincetonU can now have their speaker data manually populated by a content editor. Edit the imported event on your website to provide this information.
  • #1955: Event List blocks can now display speakers that were input using the advanced method. Event List Conference blocks can now display speakers that were input using the simple method.


  • #1561: Sites must now be placed in maintenance mode prior to enabling new modules. This is to prevent issues that may arise when users are browsing a site while the installation process is occurring.
  • #1757: Usability improvements to horizontal jump link menus when the items in the menu overflow. Visitors can now access a quick menu of the items, and use nav arrow to scroll the menu to view more elements.
  • #1977: Jump link menus that are set to appear horizontally will now appear below the page title instead of above it. For sites that use a "sticky" menu, jump link menus now disable the sticky menu behavior so they do not conflict with one another.
  • #1979: Removed the "buttons" style slide navigation from Billboard Sliders. This option had issues with accessibility, and no sites were using it.
  • #1999: Accordion items that have titles but no body are no longer expandable or clickable, as there's no content to show or hide. Accordion titles are also styled more boldly.
  • #2019: Fixed a styling issue with the modal dialog for adding links to text blocks in the layout builder interface.
  • #2067: Fixed an issue where the XML sitemap did not include a link to the homepage.


  • #2003: Fixed an issue where the external link icon would not show in some circumstances for news articles that were configured to redirect to an external website.


  • #1987: People List Blocks can now be configured to output a link to the person's CV. Previously these links were only displayed on the detail page for the person. The icon that's displayed after documents throughout the site has also been refreshed.


  • #1995: A new configuration option for Publications List blocks allows you to control if the advanced filters are shown expanded automatically. This can be useful if you have a large library of publications and expect many of your visitors to use the filters.
  • #1996: The exposed filters for author, type, year, and keyword on Publications List blocks can now be toggled on and off individually.


  • #1802: Fixed the color of the external link icon when used within the primary button CKEditor style.
  • #1844: Styling of links within the main content area has been adjusted to be slightly less bold.
  • #1846: Fixed font alignment issues with the Webform "Scale" element.
  • #1926: Reorganized the theme settings page for the Tiger theme to improve usability.
  • #1932: Fixed a styling issue where pagers on content list blocks were not padded enough on the bottom. Update: This fix was pulled from the release due to issues discovered during further testing.
  • #1953: Removed the ability to select the "flexible" flow option for the header mega menu. The newer "fixed" flow option can be used instead. Existing sites using the flexible option are unaffected by this change.
  • #1988: Fixed a minor styling issue with section tabs so the corners of the tabs are not rounded.
  • #1989: Fixing a color contrast issue with the mobile menu on sites using dark headers.
  • #2008: Fixed an issue where menu links to external websites would jump and shift as the external link icon loaded.
  • #2014: The full-width search bar on sites using the dark header has been updated to use an orange background instead of white.
  • #2034: Twitter Blocks can now have outline-based layout builder styles applied to them.