Version 2.24 Release Notes - September 15, 2022

Important note

Please note that if WDS has customized your site (e.g. custom content types, theme, or other functionality), the improvements and fixes listed below may not be applicable to your site.

Release Highlights

Media Bulk Upload

A major improvement in this release is the ability to bulk upload media and documents. This feature allows content authors, content managers, and site admins to drag-and-drop (or manually select) many files from their computer to upload at the same time. After the bulk upload is completed, users are presented the edit form, one at a time, for each media item, making it easy to populate additional metadata as needed (e.g. image alt text, captions, name).

media bulk upload form

Access the bulk upload form via the new "Bulk upload" link on the media library and document library pages:

Media library showing the bulk upload button circled in red

Custom Logo Sizing Controls

Most sites display the Princeton shield as the default site logo, but this can be replaced with your own logo that is uploaded. In the past, it has been difficult to size custom logos appropriately and often required using custom CSS via CSS injector.

New in this release is the ability to control the size of custom logos by specifying a specific pixel height. The width of the logo will automatically be adjusted to maintain the original aspect ratio of the uploaded logo. To utilize this new feature, site admins can visit the theme settings page and toggle the custom sizing feature on:

Theme settings form showing the new custom logo sizing field

All Changes

Access Control

  • #606: The Access Control module has been updated to support the ability to specify default access controls on newly created content. For example, if most new Page content items are meant to be restricted to a particular role, this feature can prevent editors from forgetting to enable access control. Content types can additionally be entirely restricted to specific roles, disabling the individual content-item control. WDS must configure these features for your site.


  • #1998: The grid and image sizing for Event Speakers List blocks has been updated to match People List blocks.
  • #2013: The sticky menu transition (for sites configured to use it) is now smoother.
  • #2064: The size of custom site logos can now be adjusted via the theme settings form.
  • #2065: Billboard blocks that have center text positioning have been updated to restrict the max width of the text. Previously, long titles and descriptions could flow the entire length of the billboard, making it difficult to read the text easily.
  • #2088: Fixed a styling issue where thin margins would sometimes appear on the left and right side of full width Billboard blocks.
  • #2132: Adjusted the position of the "Apply" and "Reset" buttons for the advanced filters in Publications List blocks. Previously these buttons were not aligned correctly with the set of filters.
  • #2150: Fixed a styling issue affecting vertical jump link menus at some smaller browser widths.


  • #553: It's now possible to bulk upload media and documents. Visit the media library or document library and click the new "Bulk upload" button. You can drag and drop or select multiple files from your computer to upload. You are then presented edit forms for each uploaded item to provide additional data (e.g. captions and alt text for images).


  • #1266: Site admins can now choose to discourage search engines from indexing content on their entire site. Visit the Basic site settings form to use this feature.
  • #1944: Content list blocks (e.g. News List, Events List, etc) can now use the "offset" feature in combination with pagination. This feature is useful when splitting the display of content into two list blocks. The first block typically shows just one item, styled prominently. The second block shows all the remaining items, along with a pager, and excludes the item in the first block by configuring an offset of 1. Previously, offsets could only be configured when pagination was not enabled.
  • #2007: Exposed taxonomy filters on content list blocks are now sorted alphabetically by their labels. Labels for exposed filters can be modified by configuring the block.


  • #2122: Fixed an issue where news RSS feeds would not work correctly if a news article on the site did not have body field data.


  • #1921: Fixed an issue on People detail pages where the "Office Hours" field label would not be displayed if only the "additional information" field was filled out.


  • #1457: Detail pages for individual publication references now indicate the type of reference (e.g. book, journal, etc).
  • #2066: Fixed various issues affecting the output of citations for publication references, particularly around links for the reference title and URL.
  • #2141: Added a new sorting option for "Type" (e.g. Book, Journal Article, etc) to Publications List blocks. This adds to existing sorting options for Author, Year, and Title.