Version 2.25 Release Notes - October 20 & 21, 2022

Important note

Please note that if WDS has customized your site (e.g. custom content types, theme, or other functionality), the improvements and fixes listed below may not be applicable.


Automated Accessibility Checker Improvements

  1. Manual check alerts can now be dismissed, so that they stop popping up on future visits to the page, and are removed from the page's issue count. All authors are able to "Hide" alerts for themselves, Content Managers can also click "mark as OK" to hide an alert from all users.
  2. Tool-tips have been rewritten to more clearly describe the issue and needed actions.
  3. Site-wide accessibility reports are now available to content managers and site admins. "Content accessibility" can be found under Reports in the administrative toolbar, and contains a list of pages with detected issues, types of issues, and currently dismissed issues. Dismissed issues can be restored as needed. These reports are populated as site editors visit and edit pages, so infrequently visited pages may not appear.

Simplified Block Quote Styling Option

Block quotes can now be styled more simply to place less visual emphasis on the text. Here's an example in the Tiger theme of the two styling options, with the new simplified option on the bottom. To use this new option, click the block quote in the text editor, then use the Styles drop-down in the editor toolbar.

Two blockquotes, the top using the standard block quote styling. It has large text and a bold orange accent line. Below it is a simplified version with smaller text.

New Display Options for the Resource Link List Block

Resource Link list blocks now have an option to show the document type label (e.g. PDF document, Word document) for file-based resources. Additionally, an option is available to show preview and/or download links for file-based resources. These new options can be toggled on when editing the block configuration form.

Resource link list block showing two items. The top has text indicating it's a PDF document, and the bottom has text indicating it's a Word 2007 document. Both have Preview and Download links.

Breadcrumb Trail Fix

The breadcrumb trail helps visitors understand where they are in a site's menu structure when browsing a page. A change has been made in this release to hide the breadcrumb trail if there is only one item (typically "Home"). At least one other item must be present in the trail for it to be shown.

All Changes

Access Control

  • #1756: A new option has been added to the Access Control A collection of features or functionality that can be enabled on sites. WDS has made several optional modules available to site administrators to enable on their site. For example, the "News" module enables the News content type and provide a News List Block for displaying news on a page. to allow hiding the search results snippet (the bit of text extracted from the page that's shown below the title) from site search results if the user does not have access to view the page. This can be used to prevent sensitive information from the restricted page from being leaked through the snippet. Note that some sites are configured to completely hide restricted pages from search results if the user does not have access to view them, so this setting is not relevant.



  • #2240: Class List blocks are now sorted by semester and offered year by default, mirroring how it worked in OpenScholar. Note this is a separate A collection of fields that describe a specific type of content, like a news article, a person, or an event. Site admins can add additional content types by enabling optional modules. WDS can also create custom content types for a site. compared to Course and is only enabled on migrated OpenScholar sites.

Design & Styling

  • #293: Block quotes have an additional "Simple" styling option. On most themes, block quotes are styled prominently. Sometimes it's more appropriate to have more subtle styling. To use this new styling, create a block quote in the text editor, then select the "Simple" option from the Styles toolbar.
  • #1943: Fixed a styling issue with the past/upcoming events pager on event speaker detail pages.
  • #2000: Fixed a styling issue with date badges in Event List blocks configured to use grid display. The date badges now have a consistent width, ensuring proper alignment with other events in the list. Also fixed an issue where the event details would sometimes wrap unnecessarily to additional lines.
  • #2031: Small font-size increase to Feature Block titles when displayed in narrow columns and screens.
  • #2063: Person detail page styling has been updated such that if there's no content in the left side of the layout (e.g. position, title, phone, email, etc), the layout adjusts to center the main body area. This removes the otherwise large blank space that would appear on the left.
  • #2169: Fixed a styling issue in the Events List - Conference block that was causing event speakers defined using the "simple" method from appearing correctly.
  • #2193: Fixed a styling issue on publication list blocks sorted by type that was causing inconsistent alignment of the type label and the list of publications.
  • #2224: Fixed a styling issue on publication detail pages affecting the output of the new Miscellaneous Notes field.


  • #1570: Image Blocks now support specifying a specific size and alignment. Previously, only an aspect ratio could be chosen and images would typically take up the whole width of the area they were placed in.
  • #2092: Image Galleries have a new option to auto advanced images. Enable this option using the new "Automatic transition" checkbox when editing a gallery. This displays a play/pause button on the gallery. It can be configured to automatically start as well.


  • #1109: Fixed an issue where a breadcrumb trail with only the link "Home" would appear. Breadcrumb trails will now only appear if there is at least one additional item to display.
  • #1507: Most blocks now support the ability to include a description or summary below the block title. This can be especially useful for content list blocks where you may want to provide your visitors some information about the content.
  • #2044: ZIP files can now be uploaded to the document library.
  • #2114: Usability improvements to tabbed blocks in page layouts and tabbed navigation in Events List - Conference blocks. Visitors can now access a quick menu of the items, and use arrow buttons to view more tabs that would otherwise break to a new line. These improvements are similar to those made previously to jump link menus.
  • #2164: Updated description for the "Site visibility" setting on the Basic site settings form to be clear that discouraging site indexing does not prevent access to the site. A new text field is also added where site admins can indicate why they are using the "discourage" option.


  • #2077: The display of taxonomy terms and keywords on Publication detail pages can now be toggled on and off by a site admin in the Publications module settings form.
  • #2179: Fixed an issue where invalid dates for Publications could cause a site error. Invalid publication dates are now excluded from citations. This can be resolved by editing the publication reference and using the correct date format.
  • #2203: Fixed an issue where unchecking the "Expose sort options" checkbox in Publications List blocks did not work.
  • #2216: Publication Newspaper Articles and Web Articles now have the ability to specify and display an abstract.
  • #2221: Publication references have a new field called "URL Link Text" which can be used to override the default link label that's displayed for provided URLs.
  • #2229: Publication List blocks now have a secondary sort option for "Created date", which pairs well when used with the primary sort option of "Year". Created dates can also now be modified on the edit form for each reference.

Resource Links

  • #2080: Resource Link List blocks now have an option to show the document type label (e.g. PDF document, Word document) for file-based resources. Additionally, an option is available to show preview and/or download links for file-based resources.


  • #2197: Fixed an issue affecting the ability to save the settings form for individual Webforms.