Version 2.30 Release Notes - April 2023

Important Note

Please note that if WDS has customized your site (e.g. custom content types, theme, or other functionality), the improvements and fixes listed below may not be applicable.

Release Schedule

  • Scholar sites: Thursday, April 20, 4:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
  • All other sites: Friday, April 21, 4:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.


New Publications & People Integration

It's always been possible to provide a list of a person's selected publications by typing them into the free-form text area on the Person content entry form. With this release, it's possible to select publications from the Publications Library (if the site has the Publications A collection of features or functionality that can be enabled on sites. WDS has made several optional modules available to site administrators to enable on their site. For example, the "News" module enables the News content type and provide a News List Block for displaying news on a page. enabled). The content entry form for People now gives the option to choose between each method:

Person content type entry form showing the optional new method to select publications.

Up to 50 publications can be referenced from the Publications Library. They will be output in a list on the person's detail page in whatever order you specified. The CSL used when displaying them can be controlled by editing the People module settings.

All Changes


  • #2218: Fixed a styling issue on some themes where an thin horizontal empty gap was present between the header and main content area if no breadcrumb trail was output.


  • #2371: Fixed an issue where the Speaker labels in Event List blocks were incorrectly placed in Jump Link Menus.
  • #2442: Fixed an issue where the Events List - Conference block would not show the correct event data when the current day matched a date from the schedule.
  • #2458: Fixed an issue in the My PrincetonU event importer where non-public events were imported (as unpublished) even though the settings checkbox for "Ignore event visibility" was unchecked. The field labels and descriptions on the configuration form have also been updated to be clearer.


  • #2378: Media and Documents can now be tagged to improve findability when browsing them in the Media and Document libraries. Tags are stored in the new "Media & Documents" Used primarily for categorizing content, a vocabulary defines a specific grouping of taxonomy terms. Some default vocabularies exist on all sites, but WDS can create custom vocabularies if needed. Synonymous with categories. . Tags can be created on the fly when adding new media and documents.
  • #2449: For sites using the Access Control module, all image fields and document fields on standard content types and block types can now reference Private Images and Private Documents, respectively. Previously, only a few image and document fields allowed this.


  • #1086: The Maintenance Mode page has been updated to include links to resources on how to get your site reviewed before launch and other website launch requirements.
  • #2437: Smart Quotes can once again be enabled on sites via the "Basic site settings" admin page. This feature was introduced in the previous monthly release but was disabled after an issue was found.


  • #1030: Selected Publications displayed on Person detail pages can now be specified by selecting them from the Publications library (on sites that have the Publications module enabled). Content editors can choose between using the existing "free-form" entry method or the new method when editing a Person's details.
  • #2453: Related News on person detail pages is now always displayed below the main content on the new Person detail page design that was introduced in the previous release. Previously, it would appear in the right sidebar when configured to be output as a simple list.
  • #2455: Fixed an issue where related news articles would not show up on person detail pages until caches were cleared.


  • #2408: Publication references now support entry of the PMCID field (PubMed Central ID). This field is output in in the NLM citation style.


  • #2399: Webform results data can now be analyzed by visiting the "Analysis" tab when viewing the list of submissions. This works best for simple webform questions where there's a defined list of values the submitter can choose from.