Version 2.9 Release Notes - June 17, 2021

Notable Changes


The optional alerts module provides the ability to display prominent alert messages to visitors of your site. This release enhances alerts in several ways:

  • Added ability to set an alert level as Standard or Extreme, with the latter adding a prominent icon to the alert banner to help emphasize its importance.
  • Added ability to display the date and time the alert was last updated. This can be useful for ongoing situations to help your visitors understand the last time an update to the alert was provided.
  • Added ability to schedule individual alerts to be published or unpublished, removing the need for manual intervention for planned alert messages.
  • Updated design to accommodate the above changes.

Here's what a sample alert message looked like before:

Alerts banner in the previous 2.8 release

Here's what this same banner looks like in the 2.9 release:

Alerts banner in the new 2.9 release. The information is split into two columns, with the title on the left and description on the right.

And here's that same alert, but set to level "Extreme" and with the last updated date displayed:

Alerts banner in the new 2.9 release showing the extreme alert icon and last updated date below the title.

All Changes

  • #138 - Add ability to turn on a A collection of fields that describe a specific type of content, like a news article, a person, or an event. Site admins can add additional content types by enabling optional modules. WDS can also create custom content types for a site. refinement (sometimes called a facet) to search results, allowing visitors to refine results by specific content type. Read the search documentation for details on how to enable this feature.
  • #517 - Fixed an issue where saving accordion blocks with very long titles would cause a website error.
  • #626 - Added ability to provide an icon for pages. Icons can be displayed on the detail page alongside the page title, or can be overlaid on the featured image. Icons can also be displayed in page list blocks, either standalone or overlaid on the featured image.
  • #828 - Removed the "text format" webform element. The existing "textarea" element should be used instead and serves the same purpose. Existing webforms that used this element have been updated to use the textarea element.
  • #845 - Added a pronouns field to the person content type. When provided, the pronouns will be displayed on the person detail page and can optionally be displayed in people list blocks.
  • #933 - Site admins will no longer see a "Subscription active" notification in the admin toolbar. This message is not relevant to site admins so it was removed.
  • #966 - Enhancements to alerts provide the ability to schedule, set two different levels, and include the last updated date and time.
  • #1139 - Fixed an issue with exposed taxonomy filters in content list blocks. Previously, if a taxonomy filter was exposed for visitors and the site builder selected some terms in the block configuration, the content list results would not be filtered properly. The new behavior is that if a site builder selects terms to filter by, visitors will be limited to choose from only those terms selected.
  • #1161 - The editor toolbar now has buttons for undo and redo. Previously these commands were only accessible using their keyboard shortcuts.
  • #1176 - Fixed a styling bug in the event calendar so that the Calendar and List toggle buttons have the correct active styling applied.
  • #1181 - Removed "title link" field from Feature and Billboard blocks that was introduced in the previous release. This field is not applicable to those blocks.