Announcements and Site Alert Notifications

Site Admins, Content Managers, and Content Authors have access to view notifications by clicking the "Notifications" item in the admin toolbar.

There are two distinct types of notifications, General Announcements and Site-Specific Alerts. When a new announcement or alert is posted, the toolbar item will indicate there are new items to see:

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General Announcements

Web Development Services will occasionally broadcast a general announcement that all users of the Site Builder platform will receive. This is typically reserved for promoting important dates like upcoming maintenance to the platform, and are typically also send as an email.

Site-Specific Alerts

These alerts may be posted automatically by your site and are only relevant for your specific website. An example alert that may be posted is when the site is consistently unable to retrieve data from an external iCal events feed or news RSS feed. This may indicate a problem with the source website that a site administrator should investigate.

Site alerts may also generate an email to user accounts that have the "Receive website alerts via email" checkbox checked on their user profile form. All newly created users with the Site Admin role will automatically have this checkbox checked, but it can be unchecked to opt-out if desired.