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About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the recommended tool to track user interaction and collect basic data from your website.

A Princeton Site Builder site can be tracked by Google Analytics. If you want to learn more about Google Analytics, visit the University's LinkedIn Learning training website (login required) and search for "Google Analytics Essential Training." You can also follow Google's instructions, titled "Get Started with Google Analytics."

Important note about Google Analytics 4

The newer version of the Google Analytics tracking numbers are not compatible with the version of the Google Analytics A collection of features or functionality that can be enabled on sites. WDS has made several optional modules available to site administrators to enable on their site. For example, the "News" module enables the News content type and provide a News List Block for displaying news on a page. that is in Site Builder version 2. You must use the legacy Universal Analytics number, which starts with a "UA-" prefix. For more details, read Step 2 below.

The Google Analytics website now displays a warning that "Universal Analytics will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning July 1, 2023." WDS plans to deploy the new version of the Google Analytics module in a future release of Site Builder version 2. At that time, you will be able to use the new tracking numbers on your site.

How to add Google Analytics ID to your site 

Analytic reporting

How to Recover a Google Analytics Account

Please Note: WDS does NOT keep track of your user name and password to access your Google Analytics account. It is your responsibility to manage this information. If you have staff turnover, please be sure to transfer this knowledge accordingly.