Maintenance Mode

During periods of website development, scheduled maintenance, and emergency outages, sites are put into "Maintenance Mode". This is a way of blocking your website from public view until it is ready.

Maintenance mode allows the ability to:

  • Display a message to your visitors letting them know that your website is under maintenance.
  • Post specific reasons for your site’s downtime letting your visitors know that you are aware of the site outage and you are currently working on it.
  • Prevent your visitors from seeing your website in a state of flux during development which can be confusing.

When maintenance mode is enabled, only users with certain roles (reader, author, content manager, site admin) are able to access your site to perform content editing or site maintenance. During scheduled platform maintenance, even users with these roles should refrain from administering sites.

All other visitors will see the default maintenance mode message which can be configured.

<Website Name> is currently under maintenance. We should be back shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Turning Maintenance Mode On/Off:

Site Administrators can turn on/off your site maintenance mode

  1. From the admin toolbar Configuration » Development  » Maintenance Mode
  2. Check the box "Put site into maintenance mode" to turn maintenance mode ON
    Uncheck the box "Put site into maintenance mode" to turn maintenance mode OFF.
  3. Add message to display when in maintenance mode.
  4. Click Save configuration