Users & Roles

One of the great features of Princeton Site Builder is the ability to control how and what users can access on your site by assigning specific roles to them.

Adding Users

Standard User Roles

  • Site Admin
  • Content Manager
  • Content Author
  • Reader
  • CSS Manager*

Note that in addition this these standard roles, WDS may have created custom roles for your site, so you may have more options.

* The CSS Manager can only be applied to users by WDS. This role grants supplemental permissions to content managers and site admins for managing custom style definitions.

Summary of available Permissions based on Role

Removing (Canceling) Users

Instead of completely removing a user, it's typically better to block that user and remove their roles instead. If you really want to delete a user, find the user on the main Users page, click Edit, and then click Cancel User at the bottom of the form. Follow the instructions, but be careful not to select the option that deletes all the content the user created unless you're positive that's what you want to do.

Guest accounts

For a non-Princeton-affiliated person to access sites for editing purposes, it is recommended that Guest Account Provisioning (GAP) accounts be created so that passwords are maintained externally maintained.