Starter Kits

To help get you started, WDS will typically provision new sites with a "starter kit" of filler content. This content is meant to be replaced or deleted, but is helpful in demonstrating some basic site building concepts to new users of the platform.

There are currently two starter kit options when requesting a site:

  • Academic: Geared towards academic departments, centers, and programs
  • Administrative: Geared towards administrative departments

All starter kits include the following:

  • A blocked user account called "starterkit_site_admin" that owns all the starter kit content that is created.
  • Several stock images of Princeton's campus and buildings added to the media library, owned by the starter kit user account and labeled as starter kit imagery.
  • News & Event content with sample filler text, owned by the starter kit user account.
  • Page content (including the homepage) that utilize common page building blocks, like Billboards, Features, and content lists.

As of the 2.4 release, to remind you to eventually remove the starter kit content, a warning message is displayed on the content dashboard if there are any content items owned by the starter kit user account. To remove this message, simply delete the starter kit content, or edit each A individual item of content. For example, a page, a news article, and an event are all content items, which correspond to the Page, News, and Event content types, respectively. and change the "created by" user account to a different admin account.



It's important you replace or delete the starter kit content before you take your site live.


Administrative Starter Kit

Provides space to introduce your department, blocks to feature important content from within the website as well as three News highlights. 

administrative starter kit sample

Academic Starter Kit

Provides spaces to feature key areas of the department and upcoming events, as well as some news highlights.

academic starter kit sample