Configuring Your Theme

WDS currently offers the Tiger theme for all sites. This theme is designed to be configurable to satisfy different design goals.

Note that you may also engage with WDS to develop a custom theme for your site at a cost. If you site already has a custom theme developed, it is not meant to be configured after the site has launched. Customers should contact WDS if they need changes made to a custom theme.

Tiger is the base theme for our Princeton websites. Configure style options to modify the look, feel, and some functionality of your instance of the Tiger theme.

By default, colors in the Tiger theme are limited to Princeton Orange, black, white and shades of gray, inline with University branding guidelines. Colors can be adjusted or added using CSS Injector.

Configure Appearance Settings

From the Admin toolbar, Manage » Appearance » Settings » Tiger

Page Element Display

Used to enable or disable certain elements from displaying globally across your site.

  • Shortcut icon: Toggles the browser tab icon (favicon) on or off. This should be left on. By default the Princeton shield is used as the icon. WDS may develop a custom icon to use instead.
  • Logo: Toggle the header logo on or off. If toggled on, you can upload our own logo and use the one provided by default, which is just the Princeton shield. The logo will be displayed to the left of your site name (if output).
  • Site Name: Controls the display of your site name in the header. Some sites use only a logo instead of displaying the site name text.
  • Site subname: If your site has a subname defined in the basic site settings page, you can control how it is displayed here.
  • Main Menu
  • Utility Menu
  • Breadcrumb

Base Customization Settings

Choose a flavor

  •  Light: Header background is white with dark text
  •  Dark: Header background is dark gray with white text

Choose a font pairing for headings and body text

These pairings have been selected by WDS designers for their readability, contrast, and style. 

Full-width search field

Mimic the functionality of the search field on the main Princeton University site

Alternate Princeton University logo

Swap the full university logo on the top left, for the shield only on the top right, inline with the Utility Menu. Recommended for site titles that already include the word Princeton. 

Choose the orientation of the main menu

  • Horizontal with dropdown, additional vertical sub-nav in sidebar
  • Horizontal with dropdown, additional horizontal sub-nav beneath primary nav
  • Horizontal with dropdown, additional horizontal sub-nav beneath primary nav, and vertical sub-nav for levels 3+
  • Horizontal, with exposed 2nd level and vertical sub-nav for levels 3+
  • Horizontal, with exposed 2nd and 3rd levels in mega dropdown
  • Vertical: Moves the main menu from the page header to the first sidebar

Sticky main menu

When checked, the header and main menu navigation shrink and lock to the top of the browser window—over the content—as the site visitor scrolls down the page.

Show sidebar menu for utility menu

When checked, 2nd level utility menu items will show in the sidebar on pages that are part of the menu. Not applicable if main menu is set to display as "Vertical".

Jump link menu position

  •  Vertical, in the left sidebar
  •  Horizontal, beneath main menu and header

Not all pages support jump link menus. Pages that support them will have a checkbox under the menu options on the page edit form.

Padding of blocks in page layouts

Used to control how much padding to place around blocks placed in a section. Each section in a layout can override this value as well.

Back to Top Button

When enabled, a small button will appear on the bottom right corner when scrolling down on long pages. When clicked, the visitor will be brought back to the top of the page.

Example of the Tiger Theme's Colors and Fonts

An example of the orange and grey colors used in the Tiger theme as well some fonts.

Tiger Theme Example

academic starter kit sample